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Thinking about starting your own computer related business? That’s actually a great idea. The computing industry provides a perfect forum for new start-up companies wanting to offer a valuable service.

It’s no new news to say that computers play a part in our everyday lives from checking email to managing huge corporate networks. This invites a wealth of work possibilities for just about anyone wanting to make a break in the computer home based business industry.

Many people who consider this lucrative business do so for many reasons. Most notably, an escape from the city rat race or to be more flexible in their daily lives around personal pursuits and family matters are known to be the most common reasons.

What are the types of businesses available? A quick list would be social media management, computer repair, setting up internet connections, configuring anti-virus software, content writing, web design, programming and also offering local technical support via phone and email.

Where does your skill set best serve you?

People are commencing businesses in these areas every day. It’s a guaranteed income as there are always people needing help with that failing piece of hardware or crashing software. All you need is a focused marketing strategy that targets the demographic associated with the service. Let’s look at the various possibilities that can serve all kinds of vertical markets such as IT, Healthcare, entertainment, etc. Any of these options can be complimented with selling products on your site through affiliate programs such as those found on for extra income.

So, you want to be a web designer?

If you have the skills to craft web site pages for corporate sites and small to medium sized business, this is a one way track to fast cash. Check out the freelance work available on sites like,, and and you will find lists of available work.

So, you want to start a Computer Administration and Repair service?

Can you fix computer issues – hardware faults, software crashes? Just take a look at the national repair businesses and you will find a growing market. You can also offer invaluable data recovery services. You can run the business and sell new parts and various products. The repair service then becomes your money making sideline. Mix network administration into your services and smaller companies whom lack an IT guy to help when things go wrong reach you for new parts, troubleshooting, printer and scanner repairs, computer rollouts (batches sold at one time for a new network), security, and installations. The further offshoot here is to offer a consultancy service for companies and advise clients on the best hardware and software for their work.

So, you want to be a programmer?

Do you know how to write programs that calculate, emulate, and extrapolate? If you are beyond the ‘Hello World’ stage and can churn out hundreds of lines of code, prepare to be headhunted as programmers are constantly in demand. Despite the current recession, this remains true as you can offer budget rates as a lone wolf to various companies whom may normally pay astronomical rates to an agency.

So you want to write content for web sites, press releases and self-published books?

If writing is your forte, consider supplying web sites with content. Many editors and business owners do not have the time to research and write content for their marketing materials such as email, pdf brochures, press releases and web sites. This is a business venture with an opportunity for on-going success. Take a look at jobs for freelancers on

Being in possession of a computer means that running a computer home based business is within your grasp. You can create part time and full time income streams. Many become a reseller for a reputable company choosing to sell their variety of products. This enhances offerings immediately with high-quality products allowing for a fast professional growth.

Best of luck with your business!

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Start A Computer Related Home Based Business

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